Take a Photo of Yourself

This company is dedicated to my daughters.

Take a photo of yourself and we'll post it on the site. We are looking for photos of you wearing our t-shirts to post on the right hand column of our pages.

Here's what to do: put on one of our t-shirts after you purchase it; and take a photo of yourself. We'll post it on our website and you can let your family and friends know about it, and send them to the site to check it out!

Here are a few rules:

1. Be nice in the photo, no obscene photos or jestures with hands.
2. Make sure the photo is from your waist, up.
3. Make sure the image is clear in the photo, and the photo not to dark.
4. Make sure the background behind you is a good, clean background.
5. If the photo is nice enough, with a solid contrasting background to the shirt, we'll actually use you as one of our models on the site on the "Buy" pages.
6. Make sure the photo is a good size, not a thumbnail, not a small size. We can always shrink it down, but can't enlarge it.
7. Clothing 43 has the right to crop it and adjust the color in any way.

Legal Stuff: We have the right to choose which photos go on the site. You agree to waive any responsibility of any liability to having your photo on the internet. We will not distribute the photo. You agree to not be compensated in any way, including modeling fee, wages, or any other forms of financial compensation.

Send your photos, first and last name, along with your email address to: photos@clothing43.com. We'll let you know when it's posted.

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