This company is dedicated to my daughters.



Clothing 43 is a new company, and
we could use your help. We have
over 2 dozens designs to get into
your hands and on your bodies,
men and ladies' designs. Because
we are new, we only have the
expenses to print a few designs. As
these shirts sell, we'll be adding
more designs. We know that one
design is not going to satisfy all
customers. So this is what we ask:
if the available designs do not
attract your attention; please buy
them as a gift to give to someone

Along with purchasing a gift, you are
helping us reach out to souls for
God's Kingdom. Each shirt that is
purchased goes toward one of the
ministries or organizations listed
below. You can read about each
one just below, and as you order,
you can tell us which of the three
you would like us to contribute to.

Thank you, and we wish blessings
and prosperity into your life.



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