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This company is dedicated to my daughters.

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The story of “43” started when my twin daughters were young, and were at that stage of being embarrassed by what parents said did.  Me being a dad that loved them, and didn’t want to embarrass them by yelling out, as they were walking out the door with their friends, “LOVE YOU!  BE CAREFUL!”, I had to come up with some sign, or code to let them know what I was saying.

As I began to think about it, the numbers 43 came to me.  4 is the number of letters in the word “love”.  3 is the number of letters in the word “you”.  So I started the family tradition of 43.  I’ve shared it with some friends, and relatives, and they now use it.  And now my two grandsons have picked it up.  43 means “Love You”.  At the end of emails, texts and some conversations, 43 will appear. 

Where the T-shirt Idea Came From -  

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, 9 and 10 years old.  At the age of 12, I was pencil drawing graphics that were so detailed that I was actually winning awards with them.  My love has always been art, design and graphics.  In 1996, I started a website and graphic design company (www.proadvantage.net).  This company was birthed out of my love for design.  Loving to design is what brought me to t-shirts.  I think it’s the best media, or canvas, to show off some talent.  I’ve shad some of these t-shirt designs for years.  I was recently talking to a good friend of mine, sharing my idea for t-shirts, and right there in the restaurant, we became business partners. 

Where the Name and Logo Came From –

I’m not saying that I’m the only person in the world that has thought of “43”; what I’m is saying that it had great meaning to me, and my family.   Knowing now, what 43 means to me, you can understand where the name came from: Clothing 43. 

The logo came from the ultimate statement of “Love You” – to lay down your life, on purpose, for a stranger!  Being raised in church, having a relationship with Christ, I understood the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus did on the cross for mankind: Him hanging on a cross!  So it came very natural for me to design “Love You” hanging on a cross!

Final Words -

When you wear Clothing 43 (and more than t-shirts are on the drawing board), keep in mind one thing: The ultimate sacrifice of “Love You” was what Jesus Christ did for you.  Your very existence is because of what He did.

Thank you for supporting us, and know that at a portion of our profits are supporting ministries.  And please, feel free to start a tradition in your family by using “43”. And if you'd like to simply donate to the ministries, and not purchase any clothing, we welcome and appreciate the kindness of your philantrophy. To donate any amount, simply click here, or find the "Donate" button anywhere on the site.

Paul Oebel

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